Room One
12:00 - 13:00

After a year of being closed, venues around the world have had to make some difficult choices. Now, with the end of the pandemic in sight, venue managers are strategically planning to reopen in a way that’s appropriate for fans, artists and venue staff alike. What is the long-term impact of Covid-19 on venue operations, and how can we future proof for similar crises further down the line? With fan behaviour set to change as a result of the predicted coming global recession, how will revised spending habits affect fans’ gig attendance? Considering the possibility of the pandemic being endemic and recurring again, as well as how venues re-skill their buildings when shows return. With a stellar line-up of venue specialists, this session aims to achieve some workable solutions to the challenges ahead.


Stuart Clumpas
Spark Arena / Tuning Fork (UK)
Dana DuFine
ASM Global (US)
Steve Homer
AEG Presents (UK)
Brian Kabatznik
Oak View Group (Global)
Debbie McWilliams
SSE Hydro (UK)
Olivier Toth
Rockhal Luxembourg