The 13th edition of the UK’s essential conference for sustainability in the live events sector will take place online on Tuesday 2 March 2021 – the day before ILMC commences.

The Green Events & Innovations Conference (GEI) is presented by A Greener Festival (AGF) in partnership with ILMC. We welcome industry leaders, professionals, visionaries, governments and all individuals and organisations working to bring environmental and social sustainability to the live events, sports and creative sectors.

What to expect

GEI mixes practical case studies, conference panels and presentations, and facilitates networking in order to accelerate change.

Each year GEI presents the latest solutions and technologies for greening the industry, as well as addressing the crucial challenges  that face music events.

Join us to connect, collaborate and advance this important work.

About GEI 13

The number 13 is associated with upheaval and destruction, and so it is extremely poignant that the 13th edition of GEI will be held digitally owing to a pandemic.  What comes from destruction is renewal, strength and change. This is the crossroads where our society stands today. GEI 13 will therefore be honouring the theme of transition and transformation, as we reflect on what we have lost, what we still need to let go of, and how we can be both receptive and active to co-create a better future.


Some of the first confirmed speakers for GEI 13 include:

Dale Vince, (Ecotricity, UK), David Ojay (Naam Festival, KE), Tom Schroeder, Paradigm Agency (UK) and Claire O’Neill, A Greener Festival (UK).

More speakers will appear as they are confirmed.


The Green Events & Innovations Conference will be held online on Tuesday 2 March 2021. If you would like to attend and learn how you can make your event or venue more sustainable and kinder to the planet, and engage your audience, click below.

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Supporting GEI

If you have a product, brand, service or innovation that you would like to feature at the GEI 13, drop us a line and find out about the various sponsorships options we have available for a variety of budgets.


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