Room Two
9:30 - 10:30

Participants in the previous day’s Green Events & Innovations Conference (the leading conference for sustainability at live events) reconvene to discuss the key takeaways. As well as digging deep into issues of sustainability post-Covid-19, including transport, power, materials, artist activism, greener touring and cooperation within the industry and between nations, the GEI 2021 will spotlight the collaborative work that has been going on behind the scenes towards a greener future since last year’s conference, making this a must-see session for anyone interested in a more sustainable live music industry. If you can’t make GEI this year, this 60-minute round up will fill you in on the main discussion points.


Matt Cheshire
Artist Needs/The Needs Group (UK)
Anna Heslop
Client Earth (UK)
Artur Mendes
Boom Festival (PT)
Claire O’Neill
A Greener Festival / GEI (UK)
Tom Schroeder
Paradigm Talent Agency (UK)
Mark Stevenson
Reluctant Futurist: ClientEarth / Ministry of Defence (UK)