Networking and doing business are the mainframe of every edition of ILMC, and going virtual in 2021 will provide more opportunities than ever. 

Like any physical ILMC, attendees will be able to pre-arrange meetings or connect in real time; tour various lounges and networking areas; attend events and take part in all conference sessions and a broad schedule of evening events, all without the risk of exposing themselves to a dangerous virus (we have very powerful antivirus software!)

And because all ILMC sessions are virtual, they will be available for registered delegates to rewatch for a month after the conference has taken place. While a physical ILMC often involves having to choose between a meeting, panel or workshop, this year you won’t have to miss a thing.

New-for-2021 features include instant video speedmeeting sessions to introduce delegates for short conversations; live voting and Q&As during panels; and digital trade exhibitions. And without the time and cost of flights to London, a hotel and entertainment expenses, we’re expecting more players from across the live entertainment world than ever to attend.

Got questions? Check out our handy FAQs.

More info about ILMC v33 is available here.