When will I get my login?

Your login details will be delivered 24-48 hours before ILMC begins.

How will ILMC 33 differ from a traditional ILMC?

Much of the usual ILMC schedule and ambience will be retained for 2021’s virtual edition, with the usual array of compelling topics, stellar panelists, Arthur Awards and slightly dodgy events you would expect. Although sadly there will be no virtual karaoke.

Within our virtual Royal Garden Hotel, delegates will still be able to watch panels, workshops and keynotes as usual, where you can interact, ask questions, get involved in the discussion and also take part in real-time voting. Outside of our virtual conference sessions, delegates can network in lounges, contact each other, meet up or schedule chats for later during ILMC.

There are also speedmeetings that match participants with potential business partners for short video calls. You can visit a range of exhibitors at their virtual trade stands, and, as with all ILMCs, take part in a full schedule of evening events.

Can I register for ILMC 33 if I’ve never attended before?

Yes! For the first time ever, as we’re no longer limited by physical capacity, ILMC is opening its doors to the wider live music industry family.

Can I register for IPM or GEI as well as for ILMC?

Absolutely. In fact, ILMC delegates are offered a highly discounted rate of just £25 to register for either GEI or IPM, gaining a whole extra day of discussion and networking. To attend either IPM or GEI, just choose the relevant extra ticket type when you register for ILMC via our ticketing partner, Eventbrite.

Do I need a separate ticket for Pulse, TEEM, or The Arthur Awards?

No, these are all included in an ILMC delegate pass. Pulse and TEEM are specific conference tracks within the main ILMC schedule, and with The Arthurs moving online this year, all delegates can attend.

Is there a deadline for registering?

The deadline is 14:00hrs on Friday 5 March, which is the final day of ILMC. All content will remain on the ILMC 33 Virtual Platform until 18:00 GMT on Monday 5 April 2021, so If you register late, you can still rewatch the event at a time that suits you.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind or am unable to participate?

You can cancel your registration (minus a £25 processing fee) as long as we receive the request in writing (via email) before 6pm GMT Friday 19 February 2021. Unfortunately, cancelled registrations cannot be transferred to a future conference.

How does a virtual conference work?

Kind of like an ordinary one but from the comfort of your own armchair, sofa, bidet, chaise longue or whatever.

Within the platform, you can connect and arrange meetings with other delegates; take part in panels, speedmeetings, workshops and all sessions; visit our virtual trade stands, attend the numerous events and more.

Your login will be sent 24-48 hours before the event.

Do I need any specific software to participate in ILMC 33?

If you can access the internet, you can participate in ILMC 33. In general, preferred technical requirements are as follows:

  • PC, Mac, iPad/Android tablet or iPhone/Android smartphone
  • Internet connection of at least 5Mbps
  • Modern web browser (Please note that Google Chrome is the preferred web browser for this platform, followed by Microsoft Edge, Safari and Firefox)
  • An external or integrated web cam if you wish to share your video during business meetings
  • An external or integrated microphone if you wish to have audio during business meetings
How do I access ILMC 33?

24-48 hours before ILMC begins you will receive a link to enter the virtual conference. The link is your unique access pass into this year’s event.

How can I network and organise meetings?

Within the ILMC platform, you will be able to instantly chat and connect with other delegates, or schedule a meeting for a later time.

When you set-up a meeting, you can also invite up to 5 users to it.

For meetings with more than 5 people, we can set up a private room within the platform. Please email Ben@ilmc.com to do this.

What happens if I encounter technical difficulties?

Support-related questions can be directed to support@hopin.com. Live support will be offered during ILMC via a live-chat feature within the Virtual Platform. Alternatively, a number of helpful articles can be found here.

Will there be an ILMC mobile app this year?

No, the conference platform is best viewed on a laptop or desktop. However, it can be viewed on mobile. There’s more information about that here.

How will the panels work?

All ILMC sessions will be streamed live inside the virtual conference, and delegates can comment and interact with each session. Some sessions also feature live polls or Q&As.

If you miss a session live, it will be available to watch back on a separate password-protected platform for up to one month after ILMC. We will be issuing the link and password for the on-demand site during ILMC.

Once you have registered, your login will be sent 24-48 hours before the event.

How do I actively participate in a panel?

All sessions are interactive, with questions and comment as encouraged as during any other ILMC. While watching each meeting, delegates can comment via a chat window, post questions to the chair and speakers, or in some sessions take part in live voting.

Can I watch sessions after they have taken place?

You bet your cyber boots!

If you miss a session live, it will be available to watch back on a separate password-protected platform for up to one month after ILMC. We will be issuing the link and password for the on demand site during ILMC.

What’s ILMC’s policy on the environment?

ILMC is an environmentally aware company and we are always actively working to reduce our carbon emissions. ILMC was awarded an improversaward at the Greener Event Awards in 2018.

This year, with the conference (and all meetings around it) taking place online, we expect to drastically reduce our environmental impact. Recent research suggests that virtual conferences generate less than 1% of the carbon emissions of a physical event.

If you have environmental concerns, you may be interested in the Green Events & Innovations Conference, which takes place on the same Virtual Platform as ILMC, the day before ILMC commences.

Does ILMC 33 have a charity?

Sure as hell does. ILMC raises a significant amount of money every year for a charity of its choice in honour of one of its founding members, Nikos Sachpasidis. And 2021 is no different.

This year ILMC is supporting Stagehand, the Covid-19 crew relief fund operated by the Production Services Association (PSA). Stagehand raises funds to help those most in need, with the simple aim of helping to keep roofs over heads and food on tables whilst the event business is on hold.

We’ll be encouraging donations at various points throughout ILMC such as during The ‘Escape from Reality’ Quiz (of the Year) and The ‘Battle Royale’ Texas Hold ’Em Poker Tourney.

To donate visit www.easydonate.org/NIKOS33 or to give £5 text: NIKOS33 to 70970.

For more information about Stagehand, click here.

Can I transfer the virtual ticket to someone else if I’m unable to participate?
Unfortunately not, because the conference platform ties attendees to a specific name and email address. In this instance we would advise requesting a refund on the original pass (if within the refund deadline) and the other individual purchasing a pass.
What payment methods can I use?
You can register for ILMC using credit or debit cards. Unfortunately, we are not currently able to process cheques.

For group orders paid by credit card or bank transfer (four or more delegates from one company) please get in touch.
How exclusive (secure) is ILMC?

There are multiple layers of security protecting ILMC:

* Only delegates with a valid link can access the conference platform.
* The business meetings are being powered by a proprietary web meeting platform developed by Hopin. These private meetings will NOT be powered by Zoom.
* Communications between user devices and the platform have end-to-end encryption, fully protected by Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL) to protect your data from third-party attacks and eavesdropping.

As we will only be able to see panellists’ heads and shoulders, how will we know they’re not naked from the waist down?

It’s not that kind of event.

Can I wear my TRON suit to ILMC?

Absolutely. This year is all about virtual worlds, so themed outfits are welcomed. In fact, you can wear what you want with very few exceptions (see previous question).

Can my dog attend?

There is nothing to stop your canine buddies from watching the panels alongside you, but if they want to actively paw-ticipate, they have to register like everyone else.