Room Three
11:00 - 12:00

What will entertainment look like in a year? More spectacular than ever, and at the same time safer? Destination hubs in major cities? Is bigger better? Whole “cities” for planned fun? Why wait for a late plane in a boring airport when you can travel through an airport entertainment hub? Why go to a museum, a water park and a zoo when you can visit them all in one spot? What does the future of fun feel like? This session introduces the world’s new entertainment destinations: Area 15 in Las Vegas, a project in Hong Kong by K11, large and spectacular entertainment sites are in development all over the world. We introduce the projects, we speak to developers, and we speak to exhibition producers on what they expect from host venues.

Example project


His Excellency Ali Hassan Al Shaiba
Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (UAE)
Michael Beneville
AREA15 / Beneville Studios (US)
Manon Delaury
Teo (FR)
Bart Dohmen
TDAC int. BV (NL)
AREA15 / Fisher Brothers (US)
Tobias Kunz
Studio TK (DE)
Charles Read
Blooloop Ltd (UK)
Marc Saunders
The O2 (UK)
Christoph Scholz
Semmel Concerts (DE)