Room Three
15:00 - 16:00

With all the talk of virtual performance spaces – be that VR, new in-game worlds, or 2D live-streams dripping in production – should there be more focus on the fan experience itself?

Just as an audience is integral to the dynamic of any performance, so fans need to be central to the creation of any new technology or virtual world. Without sticky floors, spilled drinks and long bar queues, attending a virtual show has immediate benefits, but what’s going to keep audiences coming back to these new spaces?

So as boundaries continue to be broken, and the definition of a ‘live performance’ is stretched further than ever, how do we keep the fan at the leading edge of these new worlds?


Locomotion Music (UK)
Sheri Bryant
Sansar (US)
Brandon Goodman
Best Friends Music (US)
Danny Rukasin
Best Friends Music (US)
Ric Salmon
ATC Management (UK)
Sarah Slater
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