IPM Room 1
9:05 - 10:05

The tour trucking business is constantly under pressure. There’s so much to consider when booking a tour that, unfortunately, trucking routes and realistic overnight schedules rarely make it to the top of the list. On the subject of Brexit, the most common source of concern is the introduction of ATA Carnets. But Carnets arent exactly rocket science; in fact, they have been used for the import and export of goods in nearly 80 countries since the 1960s.

The greater issue is the cabotage rule, which was introduced in 2010 by the EU and limits the number of drops a foreign vehicle can make in a host country within seven days. Until now almost ignored, what will the effect of this rule be in the future? What are the major problems for trucks touring (in a post-Brexit world) likely to be? And what can we do about them?


Tom Bielby
Star Movement (UK)
Jason Danter
Gaffer (UK)
Sytske Kamstra
BySytske Ltd / How Many Yogis (UK/NL)
Rogier Lecluse
Saan Trucking (NL)
Liz Madden
NoNonsense Group (UK)
Carl A H Martin
cahm.uk (UK)
Lisa Ryan
EFM Global (UK)