Room Three
9:30 - 10:30

It’s said that out of necessity comes invention, and the sponsorship business is no exception: Covid-19 has sent a bowling ball through the sector, removing blockages and opening up opportunities for innovative and adventurous multi-channel solutions. How have rights holders and brands responded to closed venues, empty fields and silent ticketing platforms? How have artists embraced the opportunities? Has the concept of sponsorship emerged stronger and more relevant, and what lessons can live music learn from other industries? A panel of commercial thought leaders host a roundtable discussion about what branding and music partnerships will look like when we get back to business.


Mathieu Jaton
Montreux Jazz Festival (CH)
Gary Lintott
Artists Touring Limited (UK)
Ben Martin
Marshall Arts (UK)
Liana Mellotte
AEG Europe (UK)
Ali O’Reilly
Virgin Money (UK)
Jeremy Paterson
IF Media Consultancy, UK