Room Two
11:30 - 12:30

Looking past the big question for 2021 – whether festivals will be allowed to go ahead at full capacity – this session focuses on the evolving passions, priorities and unique features that make the world’s myriad music festivals who they are. After the shock of 2020, what do organisers consider to be important in their festival bills, and how are their events recalibrating for the post-Covid world? From environmental issues and welfare campaigns to diversity, equity and inclusion, leading festival operators go beyond the headliners to consider what their events mean to them and their fans.


Kaptin Barrett
Boomtown Fair (UK)
Philippe Cornu
Berne Gadget abc Entertainment (CH)
Michal Kaščák
Pohoda Festival (SK)
Sara Maria Kordek
Good Taste Production (PL)
Dušan Kovačević
Exit Festival (RS)
Fruzsina Szép
Goodlive / Superbloom (DE)