Maya Delilah

Maya Delilah’s love of music began at an early age, exposed to a range of genres as a child, including all the greats: Prince, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, John Mayer to name a few.

At age eight Maya was adventurous and active and a real tomboy, but it was when her sister began guitar lessons that Maya first thought about pursuing music herself. She started learning the guitar and has been an advocate for girls playing the instrument ever since.

Going on to study music as a teenager, Maya attended the prestigious BRIT school where she met many like-minded musicians and artistic friends. It was there she mixed with a strong community of singers and songwriters, a hub of creativity that she continues to be a part of. This community provides unwavering support – they write together, perform together, encourage one another. In an industry that can be tough to break into, a trustworthy group like this can only accomplish positive results.

Now twenty, she draws inspiration from artists like John Mayer, Daniel Caesar, D’Angelo, Tyler the Creator, Bruno Mars, and Vulfpeck. With her second EP about to be released, Maya’s soul-pop sound is inspired by the simple things around her, such as cats, friends, and boys. Unique guitar harmonies stand out within her music; Maya wants to show that girls can be extraordinary on guitar, combat the stereotype of it being ‘a male instrument’, and inspire young girls to pursue music.

Maya has a fantastic online presence and dedicated following. She regularly incorporates modern pop culture with her guitar playing, capturing the attention of all age groups. She is currently working on a project with other female musicians to showcase their talents and connect with all kinds of music lovers.