Liz Warwick

Liz has worked in the sustainability field for over 12 years and diversifies between her passions of events, festivals, venues and corporate sustainability. Her background is in surveying and she also focuses on green design and construction and interior design. A large range but the issues and solutions can be the same across the sectors.

Despite having limited interest in vehicles as she grew up, beyond getting from A to B, she has been drawn in recent years to the transport sustainability field and new technologies for a low carbon future.

She has written low carbon travel guidance, resources and policies for the events industry and other clients. She is a trustee for Ecolibrium, the carbon balancing organisation which invests donations from fossil fuelled festival travel miles in renewable energy and tree planting projects.

She works with AGF Outstanding winners Cambridge Folk Festival on all green initiatives and has advised Sony Pictures for the last 5 years on their UK headquarter’s sustainability, production energy efficiency and their environmental management system.