Timothy Collins

Creed Media Group is headed up by Timothy Collins and Hugo LePrince, freshly sprung out of Gen Z and working with corporations to amplify storytelling at scale through a portfolio of companies. Their creative, collaborative and inclusive entrepreneurial style embodies Gen Z values. They have become the most influential Generation Z (Gen Z) agency in the music industry.

Runaway success included Trevor Daniel’s Falling, Ashikko’s Stupid, campaigns for Surf Mesa and S1mba, as well as huge mainstream names for the likes of Universal Music, Warner Music, Parlophone, Epic, Island Records, Capitol Records, Spotify and more.

Creed has worked on over 1,500 campaigns since 2019 and generated more than 150 billion views. Creed’s influence stretches way beyond the confines of music – for the likes of H&M and KFC.

“Our expertise in music has shown the way to engage with Gen Z in creative and collaborative ways,” says Timothy. “They are the first generation to grow up wholly in the digital era, they are collaborative and creative and want to tell their own stories, even champion brands that align with their values by using their own creativity.  That’s why they take songs and create their own content around them in the form of comedic videos, dance challenges on TikTok and the like.  But they are demanding, savvy and picky. And they just happen to be the biggest consumer group in history. We help brands navigate the huge opportunities and the pitfalls.”