Agent: Filippo Mei

In the space of the last twelve months, Melbourne four-piece MOBS, have hunkered down in the recording studio and developed a sound that places them in a similar category to artists like DNCE, MKTO, The Vamps, Sheppard and Last Dinosaurs – to name a few.  Don’t be quick to pigeonhole the band though, as you’ll soon come to hear, they have been busy experimenting and drawing sounds from a retro era, writing songs from the perspective of the main character of specific 80s or 90s films without the sound that fans have come to love wavering too far off course.

Featuring Jordan Clarey (Vocals/Keys), Michael Ashfield (Guitar), Matt Purcell (Drums) and Scott MacDougall (Bass/Keys) – the band first rose to prominence under the guise of Move On Be Strong, a pop-punk band that had moderate success touring with the likes of Short Stack, At Sunset and With Confidence, and who had released two EP’s and three singles since their inception in 2013.  However, the tweaking of the band’s name to the acronym MOBS at the beginning of 2017, led them to a musical rebirth.

Their debut album Cinema Paradiso was released on Rude Records in 2020.

MOBS will perform as part of the ITB showcase:
20:00 – 21:00
Wednesday 3 March 2021