Misty Roberts

A veteran production coordinator and road manager of 20+ years, Misty has moved though the Covid-19 pandemic by taking on new skills as an on-set CCO as well as providing best practices within the music industry shoots currently happening.

This is where you insert *line lineup of artists* to make this read as an impressive resume. This is the stuff she would much rather talk about though:

A founding member of the Women In Touring Summit, she continues to advocate for change on behalf of the 1,800 members of the group in regards to trying to assess how roles will change and where duties will fall in the return to touring, along with many other subjects such as pay parity, women’s equality and diversity in touring.

In addition to guiding the conversation with mental health and substance abuse professionals on the ten-part “I’m With the Crew” weekly webinar, which addressed mental resilience during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Misty and her Women In Touring partners are hosting Clubhouse chats (in place of the yearly Women In Touring Summit) with community members on a broad range of subjects.  She will forever continue to advocate for and speak about the importance of mental health needing to be brought to the forefront of our industry.