Mike Schabel

Mike is the CEO and president at Kiswe, the global technology company powering the new digital video experience for at-home fans.

Previously, Mike spent five years building Alcatel-Lucent’s Small Cell business, which was regarded as leading the industry in vision, innovation, and execution. Known as a serial entrepreneur, Schabel is regarded for his proven ability to launch new businesses, transform the efficiency of existing businesses, and achieve leadership in customer-satisfaction, technology, quality, and financial performance.

Prior to that, Mike was the general manager of the NGN Mobile Core Unit in the wireless division of Alcatel-Lucent and was one of the founders and leaders of the Alcatel-Lucent 9900 Wireless Network Guardian, an industry-recognised and award-winning product/software/service-based business that was incubated and commercialised within Alcatel-Lucent’s Ventures division.

He began his career at Bell Labs in 2000, after earning a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and following undergraduate training in aerospace engineering and completing his masters in materials science and engineering.

He has led research on the telecommunication supply chain as a founding member of Bell Labs in Ireland, and commercialised innovations from Bell Laboratories that promise to significantly impact the telecommunications industry.

Mike Schabel has been recognized by Global Telecom Business in the “40 under 40” executives who will lead the telecoms industry.