Frida Giertz Lehiste

Frida currently serves as the safety & security manager at Stockholm Live (part of ASM Global), where she has is responsible for safety and security-related matters, such as crowd safety, security suppliers, risk management, cooperation with the police, and asset protection. She has strong professional skills in project management, problem-solving, critical thinking and leadership.

Frida has been working within the sports, facility and event industry for ten years, both in Europe and North America in various roles.

Before taking on her current role, she held the position of venue manager, managing larger-scale public events, for example, sporting games, concerts and corporate events along with promoters, home teams, local authorities and suppliers, at the five venues run by Stockholm Live.

Her accomplishments include being part of the opening team for two stadiums in Stockholm, and leading the local VenueShield project, an environmental hygiene programme designed and deployed in order to safely reopen venues and welcome guests back after the covid-pandemic, among other distinctions.