Charlotte Copeland

Charlotte is the managing director of SafeHaven CISM, providing crisis, disaster and trauma-responsive mental health care guidance and care; and SafeHaven Trauma Centre, a specialist treatment centre for psychological trauma based in Greater Manchester. 

Charlotte is a trained integrative psychotherapist who has specialised in psychological trauma and psycho-physiological health throughout her career. Working with people traumatised from a range of different experiences, including combat veterans; hostages; victims of torture; victims of terrorism; and more.

She has consulted on national and international projects and supported organisations working in hostile and extreme environments; advising on policy and SOP development, providing training and mental health care in crises and disasters.

Sector experience includes OEM’s; INGO’s; international research and humanitarian aid projects; national retail chains; forensic science; emergency services; government departments; maritime; media, TV and film production; and construction.