Annie Mellström

Annie Mellström is 29 years old and based in Stockholm, Sweden where she works as a special project manager at Jubel’s Brand Experience Agency.

She started working with events at the age of 15 and moved up to working with both Swedish and international festivals a few years later. Before graduating from a degree in music and events management, she had already started her own company and a new Swedish Pride festival. Whilst she was studying she was headhunted by Jubel for an event, and became a project manager for tour/live productions, and one of Sweden’s biggest festivals, HudikKalaset which attracts 16,000 visitors.

Right now she leads physical, digital and hybrid events/festivals and works with brand experience for international companies like Zound Industries during CES, the alpine World Cup in Sweden, and recently, a digital conference for 500 employees at OKQ8.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, Jubel has started new concepts: the first Swedish digital festival, Låt Live Leva, which attracted millions of viewers, and the exclusive luxury festival Republic of Woodland, for which she’s both project manager and president.