Room One
12:00 - 13:00

The last 12 months have highlighted the enormous number of roles and individuals supported by touring and festivals. And with over 70% of the live music industry’s workforce freelance or self employed, the impact of Covid was felt far beyond the most immediate offices with full-time employees. With many still out of work and struggling, who’s stepping up to support our vital ecosystem, and what more should the business be doing to help? As the business comes back, how can we limit the skills gap of specialists who have retrained or left the business? And thinking ahead to future crises, how can the industry future-proof its most valuable asset? 


Joanne Croxford
Wellness & Diversity Specialist, Live Touring (UK)
Detlef Kornett
DEAG Group (DE)
Kirstie Loveridge
AEG Europe (UK)
Adrianna Irvine
Psychologist (UK)
Nurit Smith
Crew Nation (US)
Sebastian Tobie
eps international gmbh (DE)