Room One
16:30 - 17:30

Before an evening of on-demand showcases, and a rerun of The Arthur Awards 2021 for anyone that missed it, Greg Parmley (ILMC) and Gordon Masson (IQ Magazine) invite everyone to The ILMC 33 Autopsy.

Traditionally the last conference session of an ILMC, the autopsy has long been a popular feedback session to discuss any aspects of the conference, and also IQ, in an open-forum format. The meeting is also a final chance to raise any burning questions from the various panels and discussions across the previous three days, or discuss any topic that still needs airing.

Turn up and join in, as all delegates are invited to share their video and audio, and contribute to ILMC 33’s final moments.


Gordon Masson
IQ Magazine / ILMC (UK)
Greg Parmley