Room Three
13:30 - 14:30

A conversation with high-profile guests from the museum, attractions, and experience industry about what they see is important right now and for the foreseeable future. The past year has seen upheaval, and extraordinary collaboration as thoughtful minds have had a chance to rethink the future of entertainment. These are the conversations that will shape how we come together to enjoy the world in the future. After a year of lockdown, we owe it to the world to have exciting venues in place for when we all emerge back into the light. A creative conversation.


Abigail Bysshe
The Franklin Institute (US)
Paola Cappitelli
24 ORE Cultura
Lāth Carlson
The Museum of the Future (AE)
Serge Grimaux
Fórum Karlín (CZ)
Vincent Sager
Opus One (CH)
Christoph Scholz
Semmel Concerts (DE)
Author (US)
Arnold van de Water
Factorr (NL)