Room Three
15:00 - 16:30

And not forgetting the Flea Market! This staple of past Touring Exhibitions Meetings will be chaired by Debbie Donohue, the COO and vice president of sales for our friends at Imagine Exhibitions.

The event will see some 20 to 30 presenters, from museums, science centres, attractions, cultural venues and neighbouring industries, each given three minutes to pitch their latest touring exhibition or similar project to an audience of potential “buyers.”

The final date for applications is 22 February. To apply, send an e-mail to Stefanie Stubner including your name, company and a short description of your topic. Please note that only registered ILMC delegates are able to participate in the Flea Market.

See a previous flea market edition here.


Manon Delaury
Teo (FR)
Debbie Donohue
Imagine Exhibitions
Charles Read
Blooloop Ltd (UK)
Christoph Scholz
Semmel Concerts (DE)