Room One
14:00 - 15:00

Artists who were hoping that 2020 would be their breakthrough year have been frustrated by the pandemic shelving most plans for promotional work and live performances. Will they be given a chance to reset for 2021, or will the industry and fans simply move on to another set of acts? Have outlets like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and others proved themselves as primary routes to market, or is live still a vital ingredient? And how can the disparate parts of the music industry work together to identify and develop tomorrow’s superstars? Guests speakers from across the industry discuss the evolving world of A&R.


David Levy
Ben Lovett
Musician (UK)
David Mogendorff
TikTok (UK)
Nur Ozdamar
YouTube (UK)
Nastassja Roberts
DreamHaus (DE)
Beckie Sugden
X-ray Touring (UK)