Room Three
14:30 - 15:00

A brand new family entertainment ice show production of the beloved H. C. Andersen fairytale classic The Snow Queen will be available for touring from January 2022 onwards.

An international group of performative arts creators and producers have used the Covid-19 shutdown crisis to create a new Nordic ice-show brand and a grand-scale audiovisual show suitable for the entire family.

This new production, consisting of an original composed score and a modern take on the classic fairytale, will premiere at the brand new UROS Live Arena in Tampere, Finland, on New Year’s Day 2022, and will be performed for three days.

This performance and concept brings together the best know-how and talent of synchronised skating, ice skating and ice hockey, as well as offering the opportunity for local stars to feature.

Come and hear all about this audiovisual extravaganza!

And we will also tell you about how you can get involved in a large-scale EU funding project that is currently under development; for agents, promoters/venue promoters, pr and marketing partners, and performers’ agents.

Presented by...

Paulina Ahokas
Tampere Hall Ltd