Room Two
15:30 - 16:30

From setting new standards in the art of packaging shows and tours, to industry entrepreneurs heading off land for maximum dB ocean cruises, the rock music genre continues to innovate. Rock has historically been the genre always willing to tour farther and longer, so in a post-Covid world, will the rise of live-streaming boost its ability to visit more remote markets than ever? And considering the rise of podcasts and greater reaches of online platforms combined with subscription-based media, how is the genre utilising these evolving touchpoints?  From experimental deal structures, to new methods of promotion and touring, there’s a lot to admire. Paradigm’s Tom Taaffe invites the industry leaders pushing the scene forward to discuss.


Justin Arcangel
5B Artist Management (US)
Günther Beer
Cobra Agency (AT)
Kaori Hayashi
Hayashi International Promotion (JP)
Joe Litvag
Danny Wimmer Presents (US)
Tom Taaffe
Paradigm Talent Agency (UK)
Natalia Zabkar
Live Nation Belgium