Room Two
15:00 - 16:00

In the wake of 2020’s racial injustices and the seminal uprisings that followed, such as Black Lives Matter, the time is now for the live industry to convert declarations of solidarity into commitments, action and accountability. This session will hear from the top change-makers across the global industry’s most powerful promoters, agencies and trade bodies about how they’re implementing strategies and resources to repair the diversity deficit. Panellists include Live Nation Urban president, Shawn Gee, who will share learnings from the launch of The Black Tour Directory and UK Music’s diversity taskforce chair, Ammo Talwar, who will discuss the importance of putting data to work, off the back of last year’s flagship survey and ten-point plan. “It’s simply time to act,” in the words of Talwar, to ensure that when live entertainment returns, we’re building back better – towards an industry that champions global justice, equality and equity.


Ngaio Anyia
Artist (UK)
Shawn Gee
Live Nation Urban (US)
Yves C Pierre
ICM Partners (US)
Hannah Shogbola
Echo Location Talent (UK)
Ammo Talwar MBE
UK Music