Room Two
13:00 - 14:00

A few short months ago, the idea of fans paying to watch a video broadcast was almost laughable, but thanks to the pent-up demand for live entertainment, plus the creativity to produce truly innovative and compelling shows, live-streaming is an emerging new revenue source for artists. But with streams crossing the divide between a ticketed performance and recorded digital content, there’s a confusing number of rights holders. When you add in an absence of precedent on rates, this fledgling performance type could flourish or founder in the coming months. So how are revenues currently divvied up, what deals are in place, and how should anyone considering a live-stream approach the topic? A cast of live music, recorded and rights professionals unpick this relatively new scene.


Ruth Barlow
Beggars Group (UK)
Paul Craig
Nostromo Management / Music Managers' Forum (UK)
Adam Elfin
Emma Stoker
Driift (UK)
Sami Valkonen
PRS for Music (UK)