IPM Room 1
10:30 - 11:30

The events industry has to get back on its feet, but how do we, on the production side, do that efficiently? Where are we now (well, in March 2021) with virus testing and vaccination roll out? Have test events produced sufficient relevant data? How can we clearly assess risks and identify what we can or cant do, based on what countermeasures? What material protection do we need to factor in? How do we deal with additional sanitation requirements? Who decides whether a crew member needs to isolate, and how do we compensate them and go about replacing them? And, as always, who is responsible, and who foots the bill?

In this panel, we will share best practices and the latest updates that will help us all save time and money.

This panel is part of an ongoing series, and follows on from discussions that took place at EPFE 2020.


Martin Goebbels
Miller Insurance Services LLP (UK)
Vatiswa Gilivane
VatiCan Group (Pty) Ltd (ZA)
Glen Rainsbury
Ticketek (AU/NZ)
Jesse Sandler
Gaffer (US)
Chris Woodford
Logical Safety Solutions Ltd (UK)