Room One
10:30 - 11:30

While grassroots venues across the world have been hard hit in the last 12 months, the formation of organisations, coalitions, and the groundswell of local communities to support these spaces, has been exceptional. This session brings together an international collection of passionate grassroots music venue operators to shed some light on the issues facing their rooms, to discuss a brighter 2021 and whether there’s further need of cooperation to safeguard these vital spaces. The recovery is going to be tough – but as the breeding ground for new talent, perhaps it is the responsibility of the entire live music business to keep this key strata of the business alive and healthy.


Ian Condry
Area4 Labs / Hearby (US)
Anya Della Croce
Mark Davyd
Music Venue Trust (UK)
Leo Feijó
Postgraduate (BR)
Audrey Fix Schaefer
I.M.P. / National Independent Venue Association (US)
John Wardle
National Live Music Office (AU)
Beverley Whitrick
Music Venue Trust / Venues Day / Music Venues Alliance (UK)