GEI Room 1
14:00 - 15:00

Music, sports and cultural events are such great platforms for raising awareness and augmenting fundraising that it is almost their responsibility to do so. Whilst many of us around the world have been lucky enough to retreat into lockdown during the pandemic thus far, kept afloat thanks to government-aid schemes, personal savings or personal wealth, many are not so lucky. But the need for social awareness and positive action doesn’t stop when the show stops and the lights are turned off. What happens the rest of the time?

In this panel, we will dig beneath the surface of plastic bottles and carbon calculators, to examine the real human impact of our choices and systems, and the imbalances we need to correct as we emerge anew. We will gain insight from those who use their powerful voices and platforms and those creating the pathways to make direct and meaningful positive impacts beyond the stage and field.


Dave Ojay
Naam Festival (KE)
BrukOut Entertainment / BrukOut Records (UK)
John Robb
Author / journalist / musician / event producer / punk rocker and more... (UK)