Room One
17:00 - 18:00

As the founder and CEO of CTS Eventim, the global live entertainment ticketing and live event powerhouse, Klaus-Peter Schulenberg is well placed to know what’s coming next. Sitting atop a multinational listed company that incorporates 34 promoters in 15 countries, and the world’s second largest provider of ticketing solutions, Schulenberg’s position is unique. So how does the veteran executive believe the live entertainment business will bounce back from the pandemic, and evolve over in the coming years? And throughout the European continent, what should the live music business be planning for, and where does he see opportunities? ILMC head Greg Parmley sits down virtually with Schulenberg to discuss a remarkable career in entertainment, and his five-year vision for the road ahead.

With the session sure to be a particularly popular one, we’re asking delegates to submit any questions in advance for the session. So if you have a point to raise, or a question to ask, please email greg@ilmc.com in advance.

This session features...

Klaus-Peter Schulenberg
CTS Eventim (DE)
Greg Parmley