Room Two
10:00 - 11:00

From hand-sanitising stations and personal protection equipment for venue staff to simple signage and perspex screens to separate workers from the public, the range of products and services available to help event organisers and venue operators is vast. To help the industry prepare for a phased reopening, ILMC invites a range of specialists to showcase the equipment and services that will keep artists, crew, staff and the audience safe, helping the live music business get back to work.


Joren De Wachter
Seats.io (BE)
Brigitte Fuss
Megaforce (DE)
Shajjad Haider Rizvi MBE
Resysten International (UK)
Milan Malivuk
Intellitix (CA)
Annie Mellström
Brand Experience Agency.
Lazaros Penteridis
ComeTogether (GR)
John Talbot
Goodtill (UK)
Steve Woollett
IQ Magazine / ILMC (UK)