Room One
10:00 - 11:00

Though the UK officially left the European Union in January 2020, the full effects of the divorce won’t be felt until 2021, when the 11-month transition period designed to ease Britain’s shift to a ‘third country’ finally comes to an end. Having spent nearly 50 years as part of the bloc, Brexit will have far-reaching implications for both parties – not least for concert professionals, who may have to deal with new rules governing customs, work permits, tax and visas for what was previously seamless cross-Channel touring. Join a panel of visa, tax and touring experts as we assess the other new normal in European touring…


Anita Debaere
Pearle*-Live Performance Europe (BE)
Marie Fol
On the Move (NL)
Oleg Gaidar
World Touring Artists Consulting Ltd (UK)
Dr Dick Molenaar
All Arts Tax Advisers (NL)
Marshall Arts Ltd (UK)