Room One
13:30 - 14:30

While the rhetoric of much of the industry is anticipating a return to ‘the way things used to be,, there are many in the management community heading in new directions. With 2020’s time-out for live music, artist and audience development has shifted elsewhere, as new formats and platforms emerge to fill the gap. New data tools are defining the development of artists’ careers, as management companies employ full-time audience development professionals. The Music Managers Forum (MMF) presents a cross-generational line-up of artist managers to discuss how they’re carving out new space for their clients, the importance of data, and their thoughts on live beyond the Big C…


Paul Bonham
Music Managers Accelerator (UK)
Kaiya Milan
Artist Manager / The Sorority House & Co (UK)
Stephen O’Reilly
ie:music / ie:ventures (UK)