When will I get my login?

Your login details will be delivered 24-48 hours before ILMC begins.

What’s ILMC’s policy on the environment?

ILMC is an environmentally aware company and we are always actively working to reduce our carbon emissions. ILMC was awarded an improversaward at the Greener Event Awards in 2018.

This year, with the conference (and all meetings around it) taking place online, we expect to drastically reduce our environmental impact. Recent research suggests that virtual conferences generate less than 1% of the carbon emissions of a physical event.

If you have environmental concerns, you may be interested in the Green Events & Innovations Conference, which takes place on the same Virtual Platform as ILMC, the day before ILMC commences.

Does ILMC 33 have a charity?

Sure as hell does. ILMC raises a significant amount of money every year for a charity of its choice in honour of one of its founding members, Nikos Sachpasidis. And 2021 is no different.

This year ILMC is supporting Stagehand, the Covid-19 crew relief fund operated by the Production Services Association (PSA). Stagehand raises funds to help those most in need, with the simple aim of helping to keep roofs over heads and food on tables whilst the event business is on hold.

We’ll be encouraging donations at various points throughout ILMC such as during The ‘Escape from Reality’ Quiz (of the Year) and The ‘Battle Royale’ Texas Hold ’Em Poker Tourney.

To donate visit www.easydonate.org/NIKOS33 or to give £5 text: NIKOS33 to 70970.

For more information about Stagehand, click here.

How exclusive (secure) is ILMC?

There are multiple layers of security protecting ILMC:

* Only delegates with a valid link can access the conference platform.
* The business meetings are being powered by a proprietary web meeting platform developed by Hopin. These private meetings will NOT be powered by Zoom.
* Communications between user devices and the platform have end-to-end encryption, fully protected by Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL) to protect your data from third-party attacks and eavesdropping.

As we will only be able to see panellists’ heads and shoulders, how will we know they’re not naked from the waist down?

It’s not that kind of event.

Can I wear my TRON suit to ILMC?

Absolutely. This year is all about virtual worlds, so themed outfits are welcomed. In fact, you can wear what you want with very few exceptions (see previous question).

Can my dog attend?

There is nothing to stop your canine buddies from watching the panels alongside you, but if they want to actively paw-ticipate, they have to register like everyone else.