For anyone who is involved with the production of live events or concerned with the environmental impact that our tours and events have, then ILMC’s sister events – The ILMC Production Meeting (IPMC), and the Green Events & Innovations conference (GEI)  take place the day before ILMC as usual, both in an expanded virtual format for 2021…
The fourteenth edition of The ILMC Production Meeting (IPM) will welcome the world’s leading production managers; health, safety and security specialists; crewing companies; production suppliers; transport and travel firms; new technology suppliers; venue and promoters’ reps will convene online to discuss the most pressing issues affecting the live events production industry.

The IPM schedule runs across two rooms all day, with panel discussions and Q&As, mixed with Production Note sessions in which new ideas and innovations are presented, along with various opportunities to network. Entrance is a separate ticket but heavily discounted for ILMC delegates.

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Meanwhile, the 13th edition of the Green Events & Innovations Conference (GEI) – the UK’s essential conference for sustainability in the live events sector will welcome industry leaders, professionals, visionaries, governments and all individuals and organisations working to bring environmental and social sustainability to the live events, sports and creative sectors.

The number 13 is associated with upheaval and destruction, and so it is extremely poignant that the 13th edition of GEI will be held digitally owing to a pandemic.  What comes from destruction is renewal, strength and change. This is the crossroads where our society stands today. GEI 13 will therefore be honouring the theme of transition and transformation, as we reflect on what we have lost, what we still need to let go of, and how we can be both receptive and active to co-create a better future.

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